Yelp is a viewer and framework for documentation on the Linux desktop. It is used heavily by the GNOME desktop environment, and its tools serve as the reference implementation for the Mallard help format. Yelp supports DocBook, Mallard, HTML, man, and info documents. Other formats may be added in the future.

The Yelp project consists of a number of packages:

  • yelp - The graphical help viewer used by GNOME.
  • libyelp - A GTK+-based library that makes it easy to build your own help viewer, or embed a help viewer in your application. It's currently a part of yelp, but will be split into a separate package in the future.
  • yelp-xsl - The core XSLT stylesheets used by libyelp and yelp. You can build off of these stylesheets to create sites like or site-building tools like mallard-site-tool.
  • yelp-tools - A set of command-line tools to build and check your documentation, as well as an M4 file to use in your autotools-based build chain. Currently in development.

The stable version of Yelp also relies on gnome-doc-utils, an older package containing much of what you'll find in yelp-xsl and yelp-tools.

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Yelp is developed by Shaun McCance with help from the GNOME community. To discuss Yelp, email the mailing list. Report bugs or browse bugs in GNOME Bugzilla. You can also talk about Yelp on on the #docs channel.