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This is the home of Vinagre, a VNC (and SSH, RDP and SPICE) client for the GNOME Desktop. Read the Vinagre documentation online, and see the GNOME wiki for development information.


  • You can connect to several machines at the same time, we like tabs
  • You can keep track of your most used connections, we like favorites
  • You can keep track of your recently used connections, we like GtkRecent
  • You can browse your network for VNC servers, we like avahi
  • You don't need to supply the password on every connection, we like GNOME Keyring

Latest News

Version 3.4.2 released

14th May 2012

Vinagre for GNOME 3.4

Report Bugs

Yes, Vinagre has bugs!

Use GNOME Bugzilla to report bugs.