What is Netspeed?

Netspeed is just a little GNOME-applet that shows how much traffic occurs on a specified network device (for example eth0). You get the best impression of it, if you look at the screenshots below.

How does it look like?

This screenshot shows netspeed monitoring a W-Lan device.

A screenshot showing a wlan device

The preferences dialog.

A screenshot showing the preferences dialog

This window shows some details on the selected network device.

A screenshot showing the details window

Documentation & FAQ

The manual is available via the GNOME Help Browser or via the context menu of the applet.

I gathered some FAQ. Please read them before contacting me:

Why doesn't the applet have a (dis-)connect feature?

Well, actually it has (since version 0.10). However the setup is currently not visible in the UI. To set it up, fire up gconf-editor (the applet must be running), and navigate to /apps/panel/profiles/default/applets/. Scroll through the applets until you find an entry with the bonobo_iid OAFIID:GNOME_NetspeedApplet. In the prefs subsection add (or edit the) two keys up_command and down_command. The values have to be the path to the commands you use to connect/disconnect your devices (usually /sbin/ifup and /sbin/ifdown). After that, on the commandline, execute bonobo-slay netspeed. The applet should now restart and after that left-clicking on the applet should give you a connect-dialog.

Why is this feature so difficult to set up?

I originally didn't want to include this feature in the applet at all, because I think it's more or less a hack. However it has now been requested so frequently, that I thought it's almost a "must-have". But it's still a hack IMHO, so that's why it's only available via gconf ATM. If you think you know a (rather simple,) clean, distro independant way (with little ui) to implement this, I'll of course change my mind (patches are wellcome :-)).

How do I get it?

Tarballs are available from the netspeed launchpad site.
Many distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) provide packaged versions of netspeed.

Netspeed applet 0.16 requires GNOME (>=2.15.x) and GTK (>=2.6).

Furthermore you can try out the cutting edge development version. The module is netspeed in GNOME git.








Big thanks to Pedro Villavicencio Garrido and Benoit Dejean for their help!



Bugs & Feature Requests

Please report bugs to netspeed component of GNOME Bugzilla.

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