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Developers informations

Getting Involved

To get involved, contact maintainers Alexander Larsson, Christian Neumair, Dave Camp or Martin Wehner.

You can also reach the community behind Nautilus development by sending a mail to the nautilus mailing list [Archives] or by joining the #nautilus channel on irc.gnome.org.

More information about getting involved with other GNOME apps (and many tips that apply to Nautilus) can be found at http://live.gnome.org/GettingInvolved

bug Debugging

In most ways, Nautilus is a typical GNOME App; you should refer to here you can find more info on Nautilus internals

flags Translating

Just as many other GNOME applications, Nautilus is translated by the GNOME translation team.

brush Drawing Icons

All icons drawn for Nautilus should match the GNOME Icon Style Guide

book Documentation

If you want to write documentation for Nautilus, you should join the GNOME Documenation team.