Python bindings for the Nautilus Extension API

What is Nautilus-Python?

Nautilus-python is a C extension for the Nautilus File Manager that provides access to the Nautilus extension API for python scripts. Using Nautilus-python, it is possible to do anything a C extension can do, but quicker and easier!


Compile it

The current released version of nautilus-python is 1.1, released October 17, 2011

Download and extract the tarball, enter the program directory, then type:

$ ./configure $ make $ sudo make install (or run as root)

You can also fetch and compile the code from our git repository. To do so, type:

$ git clone git://

If compiling from a cloned git repository, simply replace the ./configure line with sh


Nautilus-python depends on the following programs and libraries:

Make sure you have installed the development packages for these libraries before compiling nautilus-python. You will also need the standard GNU and GNOME build tools installed.


Who is using Nautilus-Python to write extensions? Here is a short list I have compiled. Please email me if you would like your extension added to this list.

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