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15 Feb 2009. Gwget 1.0.1 Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
  • Fix Epiphany Extension.
  • Detects Epiphany vers>2.18 (Christoph Wickert)

12 Feb 2009. Gwget 1.00Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
  • Support m3u filenames: When gwget finishes downloading an .m3u file, it asks the user whether it should download the files that it contains. If yes, the files will be added as additional downloads. (Michael Fotsch)

  • Better log parsing (Rick Benson)
  • Translate --help output (Gabor Kelemen)
  • Destination dir command line option works with open gwget.
  • View menu items as checkboxes instead of radiobuttons
  • All options in recursive dialog marked.

  • Port to GIO and get rid of gnome-vfs for local operations.

  • Translations:
    • New: he, lv, nb, th, oc

    28 May 2007. Gwget 0.99 Released.Download:[ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Support Epiphany 2.17 and 2.18
    • Check for MD5 Sum in the properties window (Nicola Mattei)
    • Put a clear completed download toolbar icon (Nicola Mattei)
    • Add -d or --destination-dir option for set the destination directory of the url passed in the command line.

    • Download command line url even if it is the first instance of gwget.
    • Correct the use when gnome proxy settings is used. (Robert Clark)
    • Reduce the syncs with gconf. Useful when have a large download list. (Brian Fulkerson)
    • Provide a dbus service file.
    • Preferences window could become innacesible. Bug #408926.

    • Port to GOption
    • Use of gtkstatusicon and libnotify for notificacion instead of libegg.

    • Update: ar (Khaled Hosny), dz (Pema Geyleg), en_GB (David Lodge), fr (Jonathan Ernst and Stéphane Raimbault)

    8 November 2006. Gwget 0.98.2 Released.Download:[ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Support Epiphany 2.15 (Joseph Sacco) and 2.16

    • Use dbus in epiphany extension.
    • Fix some C99 vs. C89 issue (Jens Granseuer)
    • libnotify 0.4 support (Joseph Sacco)
    • Fix some dialog messages.

    • Update: eu (Iñaki Larrañaga), nl (Tino Meinen), fr (Damien Durand), hu (Gabor Kelemen), ne (Pawan Chitrakar), el (Dimitris Glezos)
    • Added: en_GB, vi, zh_HK (Abel Cheung)

    7 May 2006. Gwget 0.98.1 ReleaseDownload:[ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Use libnotify for popup notification
    • Use DBUS instead of bonobo for get one instance of gwget

    • Fix inclusion of eggnotificationbubble when libnotify it's not present (0.98.1)
    • Fix a freeze when pause when called from another program (bug #309007)
    • Update tray code
    • Epiphany extension detection fixes and other small fixes (Jens Granseuer)
    • Select the correct line when right clicked.
    • Make the dialogs more HIG compliant
    • Fix a segfault on AMD64 (Arnaud Fontaine)

    • Update: ca (Josep Puigdemont Casamajó), sv (Daniel Nylander), fi (Ilkka Tuohela), vi (Clytie Siddall), eu (Inaki Larranaga), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), nl (Vincent van Adrighem), zh_CN (Funda Wang), en_CA (Adam Weinberger)

    5 January 2006. Gwget 0.97 "The Reyes Magos" Release.Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Support for Epiphany 1.9 (Joseph Sacco)
    • Support for autenticate proxy (Yoandy Rodriguez)
    • Update Fireget Firefox extension (Joachim Beckers)

    • Correct .desktop to follow the spec
    • Set the correct value of limit speed and simultaneus download

    • Update: sk (Marcel Telka), zh_TW (Abel Cheung), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), zh_CN (Funda Wang), cs (Miloslav Trmac), vi (Clytie Siddall), fi (Ilkka Tuohela), eu (Iñaki Larrañaga), nl (Vincent van Adrighem), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), en_GB (Alan Horkan), hu (Gabor Kelemen), ca (Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó)
    • New: it (Marco Giorgetti), ne (Pawan Chitrakar), ar (Fahad Aljoaid)

    10 August 2005. Gwget 0.96 Released.Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Rework the menus structure. The UI is more consistent and easy to use.
    • Hide/Show status bar option.
    • Added a "Download" top menu item (Thanks to Alan Horkan for the suggestion).
    • Open directory when double click in recursive downloads.

    • Support for files > 2Gb. Needs wget 1.10 (Adel Gadllah)
    • Allow max speed preference be more than 100 kb/sec
    • Remove progress bar from status bar.
    • Set the correct file size and remaining time in recursive downloads.
    • Really fix ftp handle with proxy (bug #173084).

    • Update: fr (Stephane Roy), fi (Ilkka Tuohela), nl (Vincent van Adrighem), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), bg (Vladimir Petkov), eu (Iñaki Larrañaga), zh_TW (Chao-Hsiung Liao), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), sk (Marcel Telka)
    • New: uk (Maxim Dziumanenko)

    15 May 2005. Gwget 0.95 Released.Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Added Gnotify support (Edward Duffy)
    • New icons for systray (Julien Cegarra)

    • Improve epiphany version detection and communication with gwget (Christian Persch)
    • Use GtkAbout instead of GnomeAbout (Pedro Villavicencio Garrido)
    • Fix shown of the toolbar at startup (bug #173082).
    • Fix ftp handle with proxy (bug #173084).

    • Update: el (Kostas Papadimas), de (Hendrik Brandt), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), sk (Marcel Telka), cs (Miloslav Trmac), hu (Gabor Kelemen), en_GB (David Lodge), nl (Tino Meinen)
    • New: ca (Josep Puigdemont), rw (Steve Murphy)

    13 March 2005. Gwget 0.94 Released.Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]
    • Move the website to gnome.org: http://projects-old.gnome.org/gwget/

    • Firefox extension. Download: http://gnome.org/projects/gwget/download.html (Dimitur Toshev).
    • Maximun total parallel downloads pref added (Julien Cegarra)
    • Improve Gnome Session support (Ivan Yosifov).
    • New download item in systray menu.

    • Toolbar style works again.
    • Doesn't redownload a complete download on startup (Ivan Yosifov).
    • Present the main window when pressing the docked icon (Ivan Yosifov).
    • Save the current downloads when it's start not only when gwget quit (Ivan Yosifov).

    • Update: es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), el (Kostas Papadimas), da (Martin Willemoes Hansen), sk (Marcel Telka), hu (Gabor Kelemen), cs (Miloslav Trmac), pl (GNOME PL Team), de (Hendrik Brandt), en_CA (Adam Weinberger)
    • New: it (Alessio Frusciante)

    24 January 2005. Gwget 0.93 Released.[ Download ]
    • Gnome Session support (Ivan Yosifov).
    • Added --trayonly option to command line (Ivan Yosifov).
    • Option of asking where to save a file at each download (David Sedeño).

    • Fix a crash (Thanks to Thorsten Leemhuis for the debbuging info).

    • Update: cs (Miloslav Trmac), pt_BR (Raphael Higino), sk (Marcel Telka), nl (Laurens Buhler), es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador), lt (Lech Jankowski), de (Hendrik Brandt), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), pt_BR (Raphael Higino).

    04 January 2005. Gwget 0.92.1 Released.[ Download ]
    • Various critical bugs fix (David Sedeño)

    • New: sk (Marcel Telka), el (Kostas Papadimas), da (Martin Willemoes Hansen), sv (Christian Rose)
    • Update: zh_CN (Funda Wang), de (Hendrik Brandt), eu (Iñaki Larrañaga), bg (Alexander Shopov), pt (Duarte Loreto), es (David Sedeño, Francisco Javier F. Serrador), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), cs (Miloslav Trmac), zh_CN (Funda Wang)

    08 December 2004. Gwget 0.92 Released.[ Download ]
    • Put a download in waiting state when there are a server concurrent restrintion (Julien Cegarra)
    • Set the window title with the percentage of the download (David Sedeño)

    • Message of dialogs fixes (David Sedeño).
    • Columns display fixes (David Sedeño).

    • New: zh_CN (Funda Wang)
    • Updated: ru (Pavlo Bohmat), de (Frank Arnold), cs (Miloslav Trmac), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), lt (Lech Jankowski), nl (Laurens Buhler)

    27 November 2004. Gwget 0.91 Released.[ Download ]
    • Install gconf schema
    • In new download window, if there are a url in the clipboard, put that url in the entry (Lech Jankowski).
    • Proxy support, both manual and general gnome proxy preference (Paulius Palevicius).
    • Added option to open automatically the downloaded file (David Sedeño).

    • Set total size, current size and percentage of downloads at startup (David Sedeño).
    • Some minor ui fixes (David Sedeño, Julien Cegarra).
    • Stop and continue all downloads, not only the first (David Sedeño).
    • Put image and name in the same column (David Sedeño).

    • New: de (Frank Arnold), lt (Added Lithuanian)
    • Updated: pt_BR (Raphael Higino), hu (Gabor Kelemen), cs (Miloslav Trmac), en_CA (Adam Weinberger)

    14 October 2004. Gwget 0.90 released. [ Download ]
    • Pass urls in the command line.
    • Open only one instance of gwget. The seconds calls pass the url to download to the first gwget instance.
    • Epiphany extension. You must install gwget in the same prefix as epiphany.
    • Set notification icon highlight when a download is active.
    • The stop and continue button of the toolbar now affect all downloads.

    • Fix a crash in the preferences window.

    • New zh_TW (GNOME HK Team), mk (Arangel Angov).
    • Updated nl (Tino Meinen), cs (Miloslav Trmac), en_GB (David Lodge), ro (Spoiala Cristian).

    11 September 2004. Gwget 0.14.1 released.
    • Fix icon installation in gwget.desktop.
    • Fix a crash (#152014).

    • Added cs (Miloslav Trmac), fi (Sini Ruohomaa) and fr (Julien Cegarra).
    • Updated eu (Iñaki Larrañaga), ru (Pavlo Bohmat), bg (Vladimir Petkov), nl (Vincent van Adrighem), pt_BR (Raphael Higino)

    20 August 2004. Gwget 0.14 released.
    • Limit speed option.
    • Show recursive options with html, htm, php and asp extensions in the url.

    • Show correct filename in recursive mode.
    • Porcentage column works in recursive mode.
    • Hide main window when clicked in systray icon.
    • Translations fixes.

    • Added pt (Duarte Loreto), en_CA (Adam Weinberger), hu (Gabor Kelemen), pt_BR (Raphael Higino) and pa(Amanpreet Singh Alam)
    • Updated ru (Pavlo Bohmat)

    20 July 2004. Gwget 0.13 released.
    - GtkFileChooser support.
    - Drag and Drop fixed.
    - Support d&d to the notification icon.
    - UI fixed (Thanks to Miroslav Strugarevic)
    - Column with the image of the file mime type added.
    - Gwget has a product in Gnome Bugzilla. Please, send bugs, enhancements and ideas about gwget to bugzilla!

    21 Jun 2004. Gwget it's now in Gnome cvs. Upcoming 0.12.
    Gwget it's now in Gnome cvs, module gwget. You can browse the source from here.
    Also stay tunned to the upcoming 0.12 version that will have the feature more resquested: systray support :) This and upcomming versions will be announce in the same sites (fresmeat.net, gnome.org announce list) and the new Gnomefiles site.

    30 May 2004. Gwget 0.11 Release.
    • Add a Column list preference tab. Now you can select what column do you want to view. Thanks to Patrik Kullman for the suggestion.
    • Add a propierties to the popup context menu.
    • Remember if the toolbar must be shown.
    • Remember the window size and position.

    12 April 2004. Gwget 0.10 Release.
    • Added a progress bar to the main treeview. Thanks to epiphany for the Gobject :)
    • Now can select the types of files to download in recursive mode (index, multimedia, mirror and recursive).
    • Show the filename downloaded in recursive mode.
    • Added russian translation. Thanks to Pavlo Bohmat.
    • Put 100% in the percentage column at startup if the download already compleated.
    24 December 2003. Gwget 0.9 Release.
    • Added a "View -> Toolbar" menu item to hide/show the toolbar
    • Toolbar style fits the gnome preferences.
    • Double click in the downloaded file, open it with the default gnome application.
    • Calculate if there are running downloads on exit.
    • Preferences window more HIG compliant
    • Check if the url introduced in new download it's empty
    22 November 2003. Gwget 0.8 Release.
    • Added more Recursive options in the preferences window.
    25 October 2003. Gwget 0.7 Release.
    • Added Recursive option if the url added it's not a file.
    • Cancel download in the popup menu now can be selected if the download it's in error state.
    • Added "Remove all downloads" and "Remove not running" options to the popup (Thanks to Axel Schwarz).
    • Added Japanese translation (Thanks to Yukihiro Nakai)
    • main.c - add setlocale(LC_ALL, "") Without this, GNOME translation will not take effect with "gwget2 --help". (Thanks to Yukihiro Nakai)
    • main_window.c - include config.h first. main windows's columns are translated with fully translated .po files. (Thanks to Yukihiro Nakai).
    27 September 2003. Gwget 0.6 Release and New Look.
    • New icon image. Thanks to my friend Fran Barrionuevo.
    • Added error messages to the status.
    • About window now works correctly.
    • Various typos in messages (Thanks to to Jens Granseuer).
    25 June 2003. Gwget 0.5 Release.
    • Features: Added Drag&Drop support. Now it's posible to drag urls from galeon,mozilla,epiphany to gwget2.
    • Added speed of the download information.
    • Added dutch translation (thanks to Reinout van Schouwen).
    • Fixed i18n support. Now i18n works but not in the column titles. I don't know why, so if you know how to fix this, let me known (with a patch ;) )
    • Fixed path of gwget2.xpm install to.
    18 June 2003. Gwget 0.4 Release.
    • The downloads are stored in GConf, so now gwget2 remember the downloads of the preview session.
    • Percentage column
    • Option in the popup menu for remove completed downloads from list
    • Resume downloads on startup
    • Polish translation added.
    3 June 2003. Gwget 0.3 Release. Features:
    • Added a popup menu (right click on a download).
    • Now it's posible to pause/continue and cancel a download.
    • Some HIG cleanup and bugfixed.
    1 April 2003. Gwget 0.2 Release.
    • gwget2 kill all wget's child running proccess on quit
    • Preferences store in GConf
    • Confirmation dialog on quit if there are retrieving downloads and number of retries in preferences.
    26 March 2003. Gwget2 0.1 Release.
    The firts version of gwget for gnome 2 has been release. For now, only the target directory can be choosen, more options of wget in the next release. The interface have changed and you can download multiples files at once. There are a preferences window and the downloads show stadictics.