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Guppi is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL


In the summer of 1998, Havoc Pennington and Jon Trowbridge began working on the first incarnation of Guppi. It was to be written in C++, using the Gtk-- library. Work progressed for several months, but was abandoned; Gtk-- was not sufficiently stable, and did not support GNOME. Fixing and extending Gtk-- was taking too much time away from work on Guppi. The code from this abortive attempt is kept in the guppi module on the GNOME SVN server.

In the fall of 1998, the second incarnation of Guppi was launched. C++ remained the implementation language, but the decision was made to just use the straight gtk+ library. Havoc wrote 99% of the code for this version, and it had many good features, including:

  • It actually did something. Scatter plots more-or-less worked pretty well.
  • It replaced the gdk-level drawing of the previous version with a canvas-based architecture.
  • It was well integrated with guile.
There were several tarball releases, but development ground to a halt in the summer of 1999 when Havoc went off to join RHAD Labs. The code from this effort can be found in the guppi2 module on the GNOME CVS server.

In the fall of 1999, Jon resurrected Guppi development. After spending several weeks studying and tinkering with the guppi2 code base, he decided to start again. This time, the decision was made to work in C, rather than C++, in an attempt to generate broader developer-interest in the project. This is guppi3, the current incarnation. Hopefully the third time will indeed be the charm.

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