What are the GNOME System Tools?

Formerly known as the Ximian Setup Tools, the GST are a fully integrated set of tools aimed to make easy the job that means the computer administration on an UNIX or Linux system. They're thought to help from the new Linux or UNIX user to the system administrators. The GNOME System Tools are free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Internally, the GNOME System Tools use System Tools Backends to access and modify the system configuration, s-t-b support a great variety of distributions, and is designed to be as easy as possible to adapt it to more distros. If you're in doubt that g-s-t will work in your favourite distribution, have a look in the s-t-b webpage for the list of supported distributions.

Nowadays there are tools for managing:


Configure easily your network settings, including Hostname, domain, DNS, search domains and network interfaces configuration

This tool will let you easily share your folders through Samba or NFS

Manage easily the users and the permissions that they have in your computer

Manage time, date and timezone, or synchronize automatically your clock with internet time servers

Specify the services and daemons that start at boot time

Getting the GNOME System Tools

You can get the GNOME System Tools in several ways:


If you want to join the project, or if only you want to expose an opinion, feel free to contact us by:

Bugzilla: if you have caught a bug or just have an enhacement request, this is the place.
IRC: you can contact us in the #gst channel at irc.gimp.org
Mailing lists: you can subscribe to our GST Mailing list. You can also view the historic archives here.


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