What is Gnomeradio?

Gnomeradio is a FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop (version 1 and 2). It should work with every FM tuner card that is supported by video4linux. Remote controls are supported via (optional) LIRC-support. Gnomeradio can also record radio using GStreamer.

What does it look like?

This screenshot shows the main window of gnomeradio.

A screenshot showing the main window

The preferences dialog.

A screenshot showing the preferences dialog

The recording status window.

A screenshot showing the recording status window

Gnomradio tray icon with it's context menu.

A screenshot showing the tray icon and it's context menu


The manual is available via the GNOME Help Browser or by pressing F1 in the app. Following is a table with available keyboard shortcuts.

Open the helpF1
Start recordingr
Mute/unmute the volumem
Terminate Gnomeradioq
Scan forwardf
Scan backwardsb
Select next presetn
Select previous presetp
Increase volume+
Decrease volume-


I noticed Gnomeradio is evolving very slow in the last years. Is there something I can help out with?

Yes! My time is limited and gnomeradio receives much to less love :-(
If you are interessted in contributing, there is always something to do. The easiest thing to start with is usually translating or updating the documentation. If you are more into coding, you can have a look at bugzilla at the open bugs or come up with something own. I happily accept all patches that have a minimum level of quality and don't conflict overly with the current design.

How do I get it?

Tarballs are available from the gnomeradio launchpad site Gnomeradio has also been packaged already for most distributions.

Gnomeradio 1.8 requires GNOME (>=2.14), GTK (>=2.8) and GStreamer (>=0.10). For remote control support, you need a working LIRC setup.

Furthermore you can try out the cutting edge development version. The module is gnomeradio in GNOME git.



Thanks a lot to Daniel Garcia, Francesco Namuri and James Henstridge for their contributions to this release!



Bugs & Feature Requests

Please enter any bugs and feature requests in the Gnomeradio component of GNOME Bugzilla. Sending them directly to me is possible, too, but I might overlook your mail. So if you don't want your bug to get lost enter it in Bugzilla.

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