2000-11-13 root <chema@celorio.com>

* tests/testprint4.c (do_image): gsave the graphic
state 300 times and grestore it 300 times to
stress test the gsave & grestore operators

2000-11-13 Lauris Kaplinski

    * configure.in: Version 0.25

2000-11-05 Yukihiro Nakai <nakai@gnome.gr.jp>

    * configure.in: Add sk(Slovak) to ALL_LINGUAS.

2000-11-04 Zbigniew Chyla <cyba@gnome.pl>

    * profiles/*.profile: Added Polish translation.

2000-10-26 Dan Damian <dand@dnttm.ro>

    * configure.in: Added "ro" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2000-10-19 Joe Shaw <joe@helixcode.com>

    * tests/Makefile.am: Remove blank SUBDIRS line.

2000-10-17 Yukihiro Nakai <nakai@gnome.gr.jp>

    * configure.in: Add zh_CN.GB2312 to ALL_LINGUAS

2000-10-14 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * profiles/development/Postscript.profile: rename to
    "Generic Postscript (Legacy)"

2000-10-10 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Added Ben Taylor's Solaris patch

2000-10-06 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * NATIVE_DRIVERS : update

2000-10-03 Tomasz K³oczko <kloczek@pld.org.pl>

    * configure.in: removed checking gdk-pixbuf (AM_PATH_GDK_PIXBUF()

2000-09-27 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * profiles/Makefile.am (profilesdir): use (datadir)/gnome-print
    (VERSION)/profiles for the profiles

2000-09-26 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * tests/testembed.c (decrypt_eexec): add this function back. Dunno why
    it is not there anymore

2000-09-29 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@helixcode.com>

    * profiles/pdf.profile: Rename to PDF writer

2000-06-22 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Use gnome-config based testing.

2000-09-26 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: 0.24

2000-09-24 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * profiles/pdf.profile (driver): rename to "Gnome Print PDF Writer"

    * profiles/PostscriptOptimized.profile: enable ps2 as the default
    postscript profile

    * profiles: move profiles that should not get installed
    by default to the development directory

    * profiles/Postscript.profile: split into 3. Normal
    Optimized and No-alpha

2000-09-22 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * README: Write a short summary of features

2000-09-21 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Remove libunicode dependency

    * tests/testprint4.c (latin_to_utf8): Remove libunicode stuff

2000-09-20 Zach Frey <zfrey@bright.net>

    * configure.in: Add an additional check for libunicode, to work
    around libunicode-0.4 not working properly with gnome-config.
    * doc/Makefile.am: Update the gtk-doc 'scan' target.
    * doc/gnome-print.sgml: added
    * libgnomeprint/*.[ch]: various small typo fixes and gtk-doc
    cleanups in the comments.

2000-09-19 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * configure.in: 0.23

2000-09-18 JP Rosevear <jpr@helixcode.com>

    * tests/Makefile.am: Use new PRINT_TEST* variables when building the
    test programs

    * configure.in: Add PRINT_TEST_* for building the test programs.
    This should fix unicode problems with non-gnome prefixes

2000-09-17 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * configure.in (_ldflags): add zlib checks

2000-09-16 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * tests/testmetrics.c (print_metrics): clean a bit

2000-09-14 Michael Meeks <michael@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Add check for libunicode >= 0.4

2000-08-28 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Use version number 0.22, to end all that version
    incompatibility mesh.

2000-08-18 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * tests/makefile.am: INCLUDE main sourcedir fro private headers
    * tests/*.c: do not include <libgnomeprint/gnome-printer-profile.h>

2000-08-08 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * profiles/Postscript.profile: Added alpha emulation drivers

2000-08-06 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Use version number 0.21

2000-08-06 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * tests/fonts.gnumeric : added
    * tests/chars_test_sheet.gnumeric : added

2000-07-25 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * test*.c : move test* to tests, clean up this mess

2000-07-27 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * testtext.c (main): No more class in gnome_font_family_list ()

2000-07-25 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * testprint5.c (do_print): added yet ANOTHER test program.
    This testprint[%number].c is getting ugly. I will fix it soon
    so that we have a better testing suite.

2000-07-21 Lauris kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * testprint4.c (do_rosette): Test font switching
    (main): Show font selection dialog (does nothing)

2000-07-18 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@helixcode.com>

    * testprint4.c (do_rosette): test fresh new glyphlists

    * Makefile.am: added libunicode dependency
    * configure.in: added libunicode dependency

2000-07-17 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * Makefile.am : patch from
    Fabrice Bellet <Fabrice.Bellet@creatis.insa-lyon.fr>

2000-07-15 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * profiles/pdf.profile: added
    * profiles/pcl.profile: added

    * testpdf.c: added. Needs cleaning ...
    * NATIVE_DRIVERS: added. This file that explains the
    status of the NATIVE drivers and how to try them out.
    * Makefile.am: added testpdf.c compilation
    * profiles/PCL.profile: Added PCL profile

2000-07-12 Federico Mena Quintero <federico@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Use a "0.21pre" version number so that we can
    guard other CVS modules against breakage.

2000-07-03 Eskil Heyn Olsen <eskil@eazel.com>
    Some work on making the rpm'ing of gnome-print work.

    * Makefile.am:
    Added run-gnome-font-install to EXTRA_DIST

    * gnome-print.spec.in:
    There are no files in %{prefix}/share/locale, so I removed that
    from the %files directive

    * libgnomeprint/Makefile.am:
    Added a missing .h file to SOURCES

2000-06-24 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * run-gnome-font-install: New script.

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): use run-gnome-font-install.

    * gnome-print.spec.in (%post): Attempt to mirror Makefile.am

    * configure.in (PRINT_LIBS): Kill font searching here.

2000-06-23 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): chmod 0644 the resulting
     fontmap file.

    * gnome-font-install.c (warn_missing_font): Static.

2000-06-07 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@kaplinski.com>

    * testprint4.c: Added frgba context generation

2000-05-30 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@ariman.ee>

    * configure.in: Added gdk_pixbuf to PRINT_LIBS, also check its
     presence and version
    * Makefile.am: Added -lgdk_pixbuf to test programs
    * testprint2.c: Upgraded pixbuf context syntax
    * testprint3.c: Upgraded pixbuf context syntax
    * .cvsignore: ignore testprint4

2000-05-26 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@ariman.ee>

    * testprint4.c: added test program for new and updated contexts,
    coming from rgba branch
    * Makefile.am: added testprint4

2000-05-09 Darin Adler <darin@eazel.com>

    * .cvsignore: Ignore testzip and testprint3.
    * testprint3: Removed.
    * testzip: Removed.
    No need to check in binaries.

2000-05-06 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * testzip.c (compress_rlc): Add file to test
    compression methods.

2000-05-06 Karl Eichwalder <ke@suse.de>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Add hr.

2000-05-02 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * testprint3: added
    * testprint3.c: added.

2000-04-18 Pablo Saratxaga <pablo@mandrakesoft.com>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): added Catalan

2000-04-16 Fatih Demir <kabalak@gmx.net>

    * configure.in : Added tr to ALL_LINGUAS ..

2000-04-14 Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard@w3.org>

    * gnome-font-install.c libgnomeprint/gnome-font.c: libxml2
     generate notes for formatting spaces, xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0);
     is needed to avoid breaking the lookup code

2000-04-14 Daniel Veillard <Daniel.Veillard@w3.org>

    * Makefile.am: use @PRINT_INCLUDEDIR@ for $INCLUDES
    * libgnomeprint/Makefile.am: use @PRINT_INCLUDEDIR@ for $INCLUDES
    * gnome-font-install.c libgnomeprint/gnome-font.c: little hack
     to get gnome-print to compile both with libxml-1.x and libxml-2.x
     Didn't touch code, just use include paths computed by configure
     and check for LIBXML_VERSION macro

2000-04-10 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * configure.in (GNOMEPRINT_CURRENT): Update version and interface

2000-04-02 Chema Celorio <chema@celorio.com>

    * MAINTAINERS (Email): Added myself to the list
    so that I can get the bug reports.

2000-03-20 Pablo Saratxaga <pablo@mandrakesoft.com>

    * configure.in,po/lt.po: added Lithuanian file

2000-03-01 Chema Celorio <chema_gnome@celorio.com>

    * .cvsignore: Added *.diff, output.ps and testprint2

2000-03-01 Michael Meeks <michael@helixcode.com>

    * configure.in: Bump REVISION, AGE and version.

2000-02-11 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@gnu.org>

    * configure.in (GNOMEPRINT_AGE): Bump numbers.

2000-01-11 Michael Zucchi <zucchi@zedzone.mmc.com.au>

    * configure.in (GNOMEPRINT_CURRENT): Update version.

    * testprint.c (test_ps): New option --master, specifies the
    gnome-print-master interface is used for printing/preview.
    Its pretty messy, but what the hell ...

1999-12-28 Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>

    * libgnomeprint/gnome-font.h : Remove ugly '#pragma {' sillyness
     associated with extern "C". It was generating warnings.
    * libgnomeprint/gnome-print-meta.h : Ditto.
    * libgnomeprint/gnome-print-ps.h : Ditto.
    * libgnomeprint/gnome-print.h : Ditto.
    * libgnomeprint/gnome-text.h : Ditto.

Thu Dec 16 12:12:52 1999 Changwoo Ryu <cwryu@adam.kaist.ac.k>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Added Korean.

1999-12-02 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * gnome-font-install.c (main): Handle write errors. Change main's
     type to match the C standard.

1999-11-17 Pablo Saratxaga <pablo@mandrakesoft.com>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): added some missing ones and sorted
    it alphabetically (that helps to found out missing ones!)

1999-10-30 Larry Ewing <lewing@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font-install.c: add missing include of

1999-10-30 Larry Ewing <lewing@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font-install.c (xmlGetValue): xmlFree the result of libxml
    (xmlSetValue): same as above.

1999-10-29 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * configure.in (PRINT_INCLUDEDIR): Get xml stuff from xml-config.
     (Bugs 2242 and 1654.) Add AC_ISC_POSIX, whatever that is.

1999-10-19 Yuri Syrota <rasta@renome.rovno.ua>

    * configure.in: Added "uk" to ALL_LINGUAS.

1999-10-08 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * testprint.c: Fix includes.
    (test_ps): Don't use "printer" uninitialised.

    * testprint2.c: Fix includes.

1999-10-08 Jesus Bravo Alvarez <jba@pobox.com>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): Added Galician (gl)

1999-09-26 Lauris Kaplinski <lauris@ariman.ee>

    * configure.in: Added "et" to ALL_LINGUAS.

1999-09-07 Philippe.Defert@cern.ch

    * gnome-font-install.c: Add support for the --fontmap-path to
    enable administators to specify the location for the fontmap file.

1999-09-08 James Henstridge <james@daa.com.au>

    * libgnomeprint/gnome-print-ps.c (gnome_print_ps_setdash): modified
    so that it produces correct postscript. Before it was trying to
    fprintf a pointer with the %g code.

1999-08-31 Kjartan Maraas <kmaraas@online.no>

    * configure.in: Added "da" to ALL_LINGUAS.

1999-08-27 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * configure.in (GNOMEPRINT_AGE): Updated versioning information.

1999-08-23 Elliot Lee <sopwith@redhat.com>

    * Makefile.am: No such thing as GNOME_XML_LIBDIR.
    Also add printConf.sh to CLEANFILES.

1999-08-23 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@gnu.org>

    * Makefile.am: Removed broken disthook.

1999-08-16 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@gnu.org>

    * testprint.c (test_ps): Modified test program to test the preview
    (test_ps): Use the correct visual.

    * testprint2.c: Another test program.

1999-08-04 Richard Hult <rhult@hem2.passagen.se>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): added 'sv'

1999-07-25 Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>

    * libgnomeprint/gnome-print{-meta.c,-ps.c,.[ch]} : improve const
     for gnome_print_show.

1999-07-16 Herbert Valerio Riedel <hvr@hvrlab.dhs.org>

    * gnome-print.spec.in: fixed typo =)

Wed Jul 14 20:31:32 EDT 1999 Gregory McLean <gregm@comstar.net>

    * gnome-print.spec.in: This will now produce a working gnome-print
    rpm, all font sillyness is handled.

1999-07-09 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * configure.in, Makefile.am, fonts/Makefile.am: Made it so that
    fonts/*.font are placed into the tar.gz so that the system works.

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): I added back in the static
    listing of possible files for ghostscript because the new version
    doesn't seem to find the correct directory in some version of
    ghostscript. This way it can be successful either by looking in
    the place ghostscript specifies or in one of the standard
    locations if it doesn't understand ghostscript's output.

1999-07-07 Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg@home.com>

    * doc/tmpl/gnome-font.sgml, libgnomeprint/gnome-font.[ch]
    (gnome_font_get_width_string_n) : New function to mirror the
    interface of gdk_text_width and avoid unnecessary copying of

Wed Jul 7 16:12:35 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font-install.c (main): Added an informative error message
    when the basic fonts (Times, Helvetica, and Courier) are not

Wed Jul 7 16:00:34 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * testprint.c (print_test_page): Added an informative error
    message when the fonts are not found (it was segfaulting).

Wed Jul 7 15:09:48 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * Makefile.am (testprint_LDADD): Moved LDADDS before the other
    library dependencies, so it will build with static libraries.
    Closes gnome bug 392.

1999-07-06 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * configure.in (GHOSTSCRIPT_ASSIGN): Use perl, not sed which
     turned out to have portability problems. We were using perl

1999-06-29 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * configure.in (GHOSTSCRIPT_DIRS): Wring the font directories out
     of gs.
    (GHOSTSCRIPT_ASSIGN): Turn directories into suitable options.

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): Use GHOSTSCRIPT_ASSIGN.

    * gnome-font-install.c (check_directory): Fix race condition.
    (add_assignment): Fix leaks.
    (main): Fix leaks. (Not because the leaks were important, but
     because leaks tend to shadow other problems.)

1999-06-28 Morten Welinder <terra@diku.dk>

    * gnome-font-install.c (search_path_for_file): Constify.
    (check_fontfile): Ditto.
    (already_included): Ditto.
    (scan_fonts): Ditto.
    (read_fontmap): Ditto.
    (write_fontmap): Ditto.
    (check_directory): Fix prototype.
    (g_format_name_equal): Static.
    (g_format_name_hash): Ditto.
    (already_included): Ditto.
    (append_font): Ditto.
    (check_font): Ditto.
    (check_fontfile): Ditto.
    (scan_fonts): Ditto.
    (read_fontmap): Ditto.
    (write_fontmap): Ditto.
    (ctx): Ditto.
    (xmlGetValue): Plug major leak.
    (check_directory): Remove bogus errno local.

1999-06-02 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com>

    * configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): added 'it'

1999-05-26 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * testtext.c, testprint.c: Use the headers from the libgnomeprint

    * Makefile.am, printConf.sh.in (MODULE_VERSION): Include module
    version here as well.

    * configure.in (AC_INIT): Use gnome-font-install.c as the check.

    * autogen.sh (PKG_NAME): Patch from raph to check the package
    properly with the reorganization.

1999-05-19 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com>

    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_refresh_fontmap): Also check the
    gnome-print install prefix for fontmaps.

1999-05-06 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com>

    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_load_fontmap): Don't assume the XML
    file is valid - sometimes the xmlGetValue() calls were returning
    NULL, and NULL for 'weight' crashes gnome_font_add_mapping(). We
    now skip the entry if this happens and spew a big
    warning. Probably steps should be taken to ensure it doesn't
    happen, but even if the user replaces a .font with a binary file
    we shouldn't segfault.

1999-05-05 Federico Mena Quintero <federico@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-printer-profile.c (gnome_printer_profile_get_printer):
    Return NULL on error (the return value was missing).

1999-04-28 Federico Mena Quintero <federico@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-text.c (gnome_text_default_glyph_state): Fixed an
    incorrect array intiailizer with more elements than necessary.

    * gnome-printer-profile.c: Fixup includes, fixed a bunch of
    missing return values in assertions.

    * gnome-printer-dialog.c (gnome_printer_widget_init): Removed
    unused variables.

    * gnome-print-ps.c: Fixup includes.

    * gnome-print.c (gnome_print_translate gnome_print_rotate
    gnome_print_scale): Do not take the address of an array.

    * gnome-font.h: Fixup includes.

    * gnome-font-dialog.c: Fixup includes.

1999-04-19 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * configure.in: Removed the check for TeX since TeX is no longer

    * gnome-font.h, gnome-font.c: Removed the subst_glyph field from
    the fontmap structure, and replaced it with a char *alias field
    which gives the replacement font name directly. This is pulled
    from the alias field of the fontmap entries.

    * fonts/adobe-urw.font: Added alias fields to all the fonts.

Sun Apr 18 23:57:16 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    to PRINT_INCLUDEDIR and used -I${includedir} instead of -L

    * Makefile.am (INCLUDES): added $(GTK_CFLAGS) . I'm not sure if
    this is exactly right, but hey, it compiles.

1999-04-17 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font-dialog.h, gnome-font-dialog.c
    gnome_font_selection_dialog_set_font): Added these functions to
    allow the application to set the font.

1999-04-16 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): Added more possible locations
    for font files.

1999-04-16 Havoc Pennington <hp@pobox.com>

    * gnome-font-install.c (search_path_for_file): was returning
    garbage instead of NULL in some cases, leading to a segv. Fixed.

1999-04-16 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * fonts/debian.font: Everything covered by adobe-urw.font or
    urw-urw.font was removed.

    * fonts/ghostscript.font: This was replaced by urw-urw.font.

    * fonts/tex-urw.font: This has been replaced by adobe-urw.font.

    * fonts/urw-urw.font: Uses command line assignments to match the
    users urw afm metrics with the users urw pfb glyphs.

    * fonts/adobe-urw.font: Uses command line assignments to match out
    installed adobe afm metrics with the users urw pfb glyphs.

    * configure.in: Added afms/Makfile and afms/adobe/Makefile.

    * Makefile.am: Added a bunch of options to gnome-font-install in
    install-data-local to look for installed fonts in different
    places. Added afms to SUBDIRS.

    * gnome-font-install.c: Added popt usage. Now recognizes relative
    glpyhs/metrics paths of two different types (and two different
    things to search for). afm-path, pfb-path,
    afm-assignment, and pfb-assignment.

    * afms/adobe/*.afm: Added a bunch of afms to get installed in
    $(datadir)/fonts/afms/adobe/. These get used by adobe-urw.font.

    * afms/Makefile.am, afms/.cvsignore, afms/adobe/Makefile.am,
    afm/adobe/.cvsignore: Simple support files.

1999-04-15 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font-install.c (check_font): Added a bit of debugging output.

    * X.font, debian.font, ghostscript.font, groff.font, tex.font,
    tex-urw.font: Moved the .font file to their own directory fonts/.

    * gnome-font.h, gnome-font.c: Made these recognize the new xml
    based fontmap. Also got rid of glyph aliases since those can be
    represented as changes to font files.

    * gnome-font-install.c: This now installs to the correct
    location. It also scans the directory you give it on the command
    line. It now ignores the old data in the fontmap until we get
    everything where we think it ought to go.

    * configure.in: Set up to require xml.

    * Makefile.am: Set up to compile gnome-font-install from a .c
    instead of making it as a perl script from a .in. Made
    gnome-print dependent on xml. Added an extra parameter to
    gnome-font-install to tell it where to find the .font files.

1999-04-09 Shooby Ban <bansz@szif.hu>

    * po/hu.po: Added hungarian translations

1999-03-26 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font-install.c: Added this file to parse .font files and
    build a fontmap.

1999-02-26 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * .cvsignore: Added intl.

    * intl/: Removed from CVSROOT/modules.

1999-02-25 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * configure.in: Bumped the version number. Fixed up some gettext

    * Makefile.am: Added gnome-print-i18n.h.

1999-02-14 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-printer-dialog.h: Added a #include
    "gnome-printer-profile.h" to get apps using this to compile

    * gnome-font-dialog.h, gnome-font-dialog.c: Rearranged this dialog
    a bit and added a preview.

    * gnome-font.h: Added #include <gnome.h> in case this is included
    before gnome.h is.

    * gnome-print.h, gnome-printer.h: Added #include <gtk/gtk.h> in
    case this is included before gtk.h is.

    * .cvsignore: Added gnome-print.spec.

1999-02-14 Sergey Panov <sipan@mit.edu>

    * configure.in, po/ru.po: Added Russian translations
    done by Valek Filippov <val@comptek.ru>

1999-02-14 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-printer-dialog.c: Documented all the API entry points.

    Add gnome-printer-profile support.

    * gnome-printer.c: Add include config.h, use the
    gnome-print-i18n.h file.
    (gnome_printer_str_status): New function, returns a string
    representation of a printer status.
    (gnome_printer_get_status): New function. Returns the status of a

    * gnome-print-i18n.h: Support for including the proper
    internationalization files for the gnome-print messages.

    * gnome-printer-profile.c: New file. Provides printer profiles
    and creation of GnomePrinter contexts based on these.

1999-02-13 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-printer.c (gnome_printer_get_status,
    gnome_printer_str_status): New functions.

    * gnome-printer-dialog.c (gnome_printer_widget_get_printer):
    Implement a GnomePrinterWidget to use in embedding in more complex
    dialog boxes.

1999-02-10 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font.c: Made it so that the gnome font to x font
    conversion just uses the font size as it's x pixel height instead
    of finding a similarly sized font. Replaced a bunch of erroneous
    frees with g_frees.

    * gnome-font-dialog.h, gnome-font-dialog.c: Added an italics

    * gnome-print.spec.in: Added gnome-print.spec to CVS.

    * Makefile.am: Added gnome-print.spec to EXTRA_DIST. Made
    gnome-font-install get installed to the bin directory.

    * configure.in: Added gnome-print.spec.

1999-02-09 Arturo Espinosa <arturo@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-font.c: (create_display_font) check for the return value of
     gnome_font_new_closest to avoid sigsegv.

1999-02-01 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font.c: Added something to scan different weights in x fonts.

    * configure.in: Bumped version number to 0.1.0.

1999-01-31 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * gnome-print-meta.c: Do not close the printer context. That is the
    job of our parent

1999-01-26 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font-dialog.c: Changed the layout of this dialog.

    * gnome-font.c: Changed from "times new roman" to "times" so it
    would work on machines with "times" but no "times new roman" x
    screen font. Added an #if 1 #else #endif to make it easy to
    switch back.

Sat Jan 23 23:11:36 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-text.c (gnome_text_hs_just): Changed it to make use of
    total_space rather than n_spaces.

    * testtext.c: use a max_neg_space of 128 (i.e. half).

Sat Jan 23 22:22:31 1999 Peter Teichman <pat4@acpub.duke.edu>

    * gnome-font-dialog.h: can't #include libgnomeprint/gnome-font.h if
    gnome-print hasn't been built. Unfortunately, this *is* gnome-print.

1999-01-23 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font-dialog.h, gnome-font-dialog.c: Moved this from
    go/font-dialog.[ch] to here.

1999-01-23 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * testprint.c (main): Added tests for metafile driver.

    * gnome-print-meta.c: New file. Implements the metafile printer

Thu Jan 21 15:37:40 1999 Raph Levien <raph@acm.org>

    * gnome-print-ps.c: turned off VERBOSE

    * gnome-text.h: Glyph default state, which makes it easier to
    keep track of which attributes have changed. Also added alignment
    options to the layout.

    * gnome-text.c (gnome_text_lines_from_layout): Many enhancements
    to this function, including alignment options and the fact that
    it preserves attributes in the middle of the paragraph.

    * testtext.c: exercises justification.

Thu Jan 21 00:47:06 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-text.c (gnome_text_layout_new): fixed a problem that
    it was incrementing char_idx twice.

1999-01-19 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-font.h, gnome-font.c: Copied most of wp_font.[Ch] into
    gnome-font.[ch] and got rid of a few small C++isms.

Tue Jan 19 19:24:36 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-print-ps.c: selecting the font from gnome-text
    now loads the .pfa file if necessary.

Tue Jan 19 17:11:03 1999 Raph Levien <raph@acm.org>

    * testtext.c (print_test_page): test for the multiline paragraph

    * gnome-text.h:
    * gnome-text.c: added a simple justification function. added
    functions to break a paragraph into multiple lines.

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c: added some more apis for unsized fonts, and
    fixed a bug or two involving uninitialized memory

Tue Jan 19 00:49:30 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    It prints using gnome-text now!

    * testtext.c (print_test_page): string now contains some fun utf-8
    encoded unicode stuff

    * gnome-text.h: added some apis for getting font info through
    the font handle, for use by gnome-print-ps.c
    * gnome-text.c (gnome_text_layout_new): fixed bug in unicode utf-8
    decoder; added kerning, tracking, and ligatures

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_unsized_kern): added this function.

    * gnome-print-ps.h: changed current_font_size from int to double,
    added a couple of elements for keeping track of current font when
    printing gnome-text stuff.
    * gnome-print-ps.c: added the gnome_print_ps_textline method.

Mon Jan 18 16:05:01 1999 Raph Levien <raph@acm.org>

    * gnome-text.h:
    * gnome-text.c: added the GnomeTextLine structure. Much new
    code added to support this.

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c: a bunch of new stuff to support gnome-text.
    Also, an interface for listing fonts and font families.

    * gnome-print.h:
    * gnome-print.c: added a ::textline(GnomeTextLine *) method,
    which has much richer functionality than ::show (char *). Note:
    this is not yet printing in the gnome-print-ps module.

    * testtext.c: beginnings of a testbed for GnomeText.

    * Makefile.am: added testtext

1999-01-08 Tomasz K³oczko <kloczek@rudy.mif.pg.gda.pl>

    * po/pl.po
    added pl translation.

Thu Jan 7 11:45:07 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_name_closest): Adding more support
    for unsized fonts, in general, as that's going to be the main
    interface for gnome-text.

    * gnome-text.h:
    * gnome-text.c: getting a good start on the implemementation
    of font handles and font list handles. Still very much work in
    progress, though.

1999-01-07 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome_printer-dialog.h, gnome-printer-dialog.c
    (gnome_printer_dialog_get_printer): Added this function to allow
    the programmer to get the chosen printer information.

Wed Jan 6 18:53:40 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_add_unimapping): It will now correctly
    configure the mapping from Unicode to Adobe Type1 standard
    encoding. (gnome_font_get_glyph) added a function that finds
    the glyph number corresponding to a unicode code.

    * configure.in: changed from kpsetool to kpsewhich, which
    seems to work better on the RH 5.2 install (kpsetool was
    inserting some exclamation points).

Wed Jan 6 17:04:51 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_get_glyph): Added some code to map
    unicodes to glyph numbers - still need to get the mappings
    initialized when loading fonts. (gnome_font_find_glyphnum) fixed a
    stupid segv.

Wed Jan 6 00:09:40 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c: a lot of code to parse .afm files and
    suck out kerning and ligature data

    * gnome-text.h:
    * gnome-text.c: gnome_text_new now decodes the utf input,
    although it currently doesn't do anything with it.

    * gnome-print-ps.c: slightly more intelligent about escaping
    strings to show.

Mon Jan 4 11:29:57 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font-install.in: Simple bugfix to allow installing
    individual font files, not just entire dirs.

1999-01-05 Chris Lahey <clahey@umich.edu>

    * gnome-printer-dialog.c (gnome_printer_dialog_new): Added this
    function to generate a non-modal font dialog.

Sun Jan 3 23:10:28 1999 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c: Added code for font families and dealing
    reasonably with font weights.

    * gnome-text.h: Expanded out the concepts somewhat.

    * gnome-text.c: Added this file.

    * testprint.c: Uses font families now.

    * Makefile.am: added gnome-text.[ch] files.

Sun Jan 3 21:12:05 EST 1999 Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@pobox.com>

    * configure.in:
    Correct TeX check.

    * gnome-print-ps:
    Fixed two non-void funcs returning no value.
    Added g_return_val_if_fail guard to check for null ptr derefs.

    * po/Makefile.in.in:
    Removed 'po/ChangeLog' from distfiles. 'make distcheck' works.

    * po/fr.po:
    Added dummy file so configure.in won't complain.

Wed Dec 16 12:35:18 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * configure.in: Improved test for TEXMF (it now uses
    kpsetool so it can be in arbitrary locations).

Mon Dec 14 12:35:18 EST 1998 Michael K. Johnson <johnsonm@redhat.com>

    * Makefile.am, gnome-print.c, gnome-print.h, gnome-print-ps.c:
    Added rotate, scale, and translate wrappers and postscript
    deconvolvers from concat back to rotate, scale, and translate.
    All the guts come from libart_lgpl.

1998-11-17 Havoc <hp@pobox.com>

    * gnome-printer-dialog.c (gnome_printer_dialog_class_init):
    Replace gtk_dialog_get_type() with gnome_dialog_get_type();
    fixes a segfault when trying to print in gwp.

1998-11-17 Seth Alves <alves@hungry.com>

    * gnome-print-ps.c (gnome_print_ps_setrgbcolor): don't set the
    color if that color is already set
    (gnome_print_ps_setfont): don't set the font if that font is
    already set

Wed Oct 21 20:43:41 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.h:
    * gnome-font.c:
    * gnome-print-ps.h:
    * gnome-print-ps.c (gnome_print_ps_setfont): Support for glyph

    * gnome-font-install: cleanups, and support for glyph-alias

    * parseAFM.c (token, linetoken): stopped buffer overruns.
    * parseAFM.h: added AFM_ prefix to error codes.

    Our experience with the parseAFM module really points up the need
    for coding standards, and the need to bring imported code up to
    those standards.

1998-10-07 Federico Mena Quintero <federico@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * parseAFM.c: #include <stdlib.h> and <string.h>
    (parseCharWidths): Added missing return type int (ewww, K&R
    function prototypes...).
    (parseCharMetrics): Likewise.
    (parseTrackKernData): Likewise.
    (parsePairKernData): Likewise.
    (parseCompCharData): Likewise.
    (enum parseKey): Why make an enum declaration static?

    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_get_width_string): Added parens around
    assignment used as truth value.

    * gnome-print-ps.c (gnome_print_ps_setfont): Removed unused status

Mon Oct 5 16:16:04 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * Makefile.am (install-data-local): Make it so that it
    runs gnome-font-install to find GhostScript and TeX fonts
    upon "make install".

    * gnome-print-ps.c: expanded support for gnome-font, and
    also minor change to image api (removed matrix).

    * gnome-font.c: serious extensions to read the fontmap,
    download fonts to the printer, and support querying of

    * testprint.c (print_test_page): added test for

Sun Oct 4 22:18:45 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * gnome-font.c (gnome_font_add_mapping): The gnome-font
    module now loads fontmaps, and gnome-font-install does a
    credible job creating them.

Sun Oct 4 09:45:43 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * fontinst.pl: A quick hack to find PostScript fonts and install
    symlinks in ~/.gnome/fonts

1998-10-01 Seth Alves <alves@hungry.com>

    * gnome-print-ps.c (gnome_print_ps_new): send postscript header and
    trailer comments

1998-09-30 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * Makefile.am: Use '?' to separate the sed
    commands as ',' is used when people pass -Wl,something.

1998-09-29 Miguel de Icaza <miguel@nuclecu.unam.mx>

    * configure.in: Output our compilation flags.

    * printConf.sh.in: New file, used to plug gnome-print into the
    gnome-config setup.

    * Makefile.am: Create and install printConf.sh from

Thu Sep 24 12:42:53 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * The image operators are now supported.

Wed Sep 23 17:50:43 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * Started gnomifying, adding a printer dialog.

Wed Sep 23 15:28:58 1998 Raph Levien <raph@gimp.org>

    * Initial version. Based on