gedit features a flexible plugin system which can be used to dynamically add new advanced features to gedit itself.

The following table lists the plugins distributed with the gedit package:

Name Purpose
Change case Changes the case of the selected text.
Document statistics Counts the number of lines, words, characters with spaces, characters without spaces, and bytes in the current file. The plugin displays the results in a Document Statistics dialog.
External tools Run external programs and displays the resulting output.
File browser pane Browse and open files directly from the gedit side pane.
Indent lines Indents the selected lines, or removes the indentation from the selected lines.
Insert date/time Inserts the current date and time into a file.
Snippets Expands customizable macros to commonly used code blocks.
Sort Sorts the selected text.
Spell checker Checks the spelling in the selected text. You can configure gedit to check the spelling automatically, or you can check the spelling manually, in the specified language.
Tag list Displays in the sidepane a list of common tags to insert into a file.
User name Inserts the name of the current user into the file.