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Versatile dictionary application.

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What is Fantasdic?

Fantasdic is a dictionary application which allows you to look up words in a variety of dictionary sources. It is primarily targetting the GNOME desktop but it should work with other platforms, including Windows. Fantasdic is Free Software.


Supported sources

Dictionary sources may be of various types such as files, databases, websites or servers. Currently supported dictionary sources are:

  • DICT dictionary server: look up words in dictionary servers like or (list of servers).
  • EDICT file: look up words in any dictionary available in this format like edict or cedict.
  • Google Translate: translate words with Google Translate directly from Fantasdic.
  • Dictd files: look up words in dictionaries aimed for the dictd server (e.g. freedict).
  • Stardict files: look up words in dictionaries aimed for the Stardict dictionary application.
  • EPWING dictionarie: look up words in EPWING dictionaries (popular format in Japan).

Thanks to its flexible architecture, Fantasdic can be easily extended to support more dictionary sources.

Configure your dictionaries

[Fantasdic screenshot] [Fantasdic screenshot]

Fantasdic comes with pre-configured dictionaries but dictionaries can be changed or added in the settings at any time.

[Fantasdic screenshot]

Scan clipboard

Sometimes, reading through emails or web pages, you'll want to look up several words. When the "scan clipboard" option is enabled, select a word from any application, click "copy" and Fantasdic will look up this word for you.


If you're interested in the development of Fantasdic, you can get the latest development version using this command:

$ svn checkout

You can also browse the source code with the web interface.


You should get Fantasdic from your distribution, but if you can't find it there or are looking for the latest version, try the link below.

Latest: fantasdic-1.0-beta7

Source code

Bundle for Windows


There are several ways to contribute to the Fantasdic project.

Testing and reporting bugs.

Developing. You can find the latest source code in the GNOME SVN, fantasdic module.

Translating, localize the user interface and documentation for your language.


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