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Feature Highlights

You want features? Evolution has ’em. Wanna see for yourself? Click a picture below, or check out the screenshots area.

Intelligent Junk Mail Control

Take control of your inbox! With Evolution's junk filtering, you're free to read the email you want and not see much of the email you don't. Bayesian-based junk filtering with optional remote rules get rid of all of the emails which bug you most.

Junk filtering is easy, too. You can either select "Mark as Junk" under the edit or context menu — or simply click the junk button on the toolbar.

Search Folders

See your email the way you want it. Search Folders are saved intelligent searches which can display groups of email according to user-specified criteria. Create Search Folders to combine mail from different mail accounts into a single view, quickly view all mail from your boss (or a particular friend :) — and new in 2.0, optional include entire threads in the results!

Integrated Security

Evolution includes support for signing and encrypting mail via GPG (GNU Privacy Guard) and S/MIME. Encrypting mail helps you protect your privacy and helps those receiving your mail know its really from you. Evolution 2.0 includes a handy interface to help you manage your GPG keys and S/MIME certificates as well as a place to manage keys and certificates which have been shared to you.

Desktop Integration

By using the evolution-data-server, other GNOME applications are integrating with Evolution.


Filters enable you to organize your mail as it arrives or on request. Filters allow you to bundle, sort and distribute mail into various folders or otherwise process mail. You can create multiple filters to perform multiple actions. For example, your filters could put copies of one message into multiple folders, or keep one copy and send one to another person, and it can do that quickly.


Evolution automatically indexes messages so searching for that long lost email is faster and easier than many other mail clients.

Web Calendars

You can add your favorite Web calendar so you can see upcoming football, movie or DVD releases, or a friend's schedule inside of Evolution. One of the most popular sites for Web calendars is iCalShare.

Collaboration Server Support

Evolution includes support for Microsoft Exchange and Kolab2 servers. You can configure Evolution to act as a client for any of these.

The Evolution team is looking to support more collaboration servers, especially those based on open standards. If you are involved in such a project, please let us know so we can add it to this list!

Multiple Account Management

Account management tools let you receive, manage and organize messages from multiple email accounts or collaboration servers. Create new mail accounts easily with the Evolution account assistant.