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Get Evolution Now

Already Included

Evolution most likely ships with your Linux distribution of choice. To get your latest supported version, you will want to check with your distribution supplier.

Use Source Packages

For those of you in the compiling-from-source know, you can download the latest stable or unstable releases. Grab the latest version of the source from below and have fun compiling!

Current Stable Release

Package Version
Evolution 3.10.3
Evolution Data Server 3.10.3
Evolution EWS 3.10.3
Evolution MAPI 3.10.3
GtkHTML 4.6.6

Previous Stable Releases

Check the GNOME release schedule for upcoming release dates.


Current Unstable Release

Package Version
Evolution 3.11.3
Evolution Data Server 3.11.3
Evolution EWS 3.11.3
Evolution MAPI 3.11.3
GtkHTML 4.6.6

Grab the Source from Git

You can use GNOME's default tool Jhbuild for building Evolution from Git. For general information how to use GNOME Git see the corresponding wikipage.

Microsoft Windows Packages

An experimental build of Evolution 3.0.2 is available for Microsoft Windows. Please read this blog post for how to install these RPMs on Windows.