Stable version is recommended for most of the users. There is a good chance that your Linux distribution includes Cheese. Refer to your distribution's software installation instructions. You can also install Cheese from source code. Note that you then need several development packages.

source package Cheese 3.10.2

released on November 11th 2013
sha256: 3e5f4ac078bac60571ff61bc2cd451349d78e01ecaaff031da16fe29ff094945

source package Cheese 3.10.1

released on October 14th 2013
sha256: ff2e89921eb6a1eec38b4cde69ee8d0dd48ebeb821715e0080f94aa4c1064cc4

source package Cheese 3.10.0

released on September 23rd 2013
sha256: eb0d8ba5211a4fe804d540e16a7fb61f16c467e23b106370723c32731b6e620b

source package Cheese 3.8.3

released on July 19th 2013
sha256: 5f08079b6ccaa6ea8de9163ff0e43554347c12e13f0a60eb6ad06d291c116937

source package Cheese 3.8.2

released on May 13th 2013
sha256: 79d21f2a7ebf1e91b2c2aa595f3a6dcf899258b1d2e307371440540c3d3a4ec3

source package Cheese 3.8.1

released on April 15th 2013
sha256: e9f7a7855c52451cfc59ffa23962eaa5fda7c9bc629bb975f4328af061d01eeb

source package Cheese 3.8.0

released on March 25th 2013
sha256: 4e6f8c46ac6a2f80d0e8d540f582df1d5e2f67c59650cde0d60b837f5c779d9e

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