Anjuta Core release

Anjuta Core contains main anjuta application, plugins development framework and core plugins essential for main development. Plugins like project manager, editor, build system, wizards, file manager, debugger, git version control system etc. are part of core anjuta. See full features list.

See news file for changes present in this release.

Stable core release

Download Stable
Anjuta 3.10.2

Latest Unstable core release

Download Unstable
Anjuta 3.10.2

Anjuta Extras release

Anjuta Extras contains additional plugins that provide less-essential but nevertheless useful. Plugins such as class inheritance diagram, profiler, scintilla editor, scratchbox, valgrind etc. are present in extras. Extras plugins are released less often. See full extras features list.

See news file for changes present in this release.

Stable extras release

Download Stable
Anjuta Extras 3.10.0

Latest unstable extras release

Download Unstable
Anjuta Extras 3.10.0

Anjuta follows GNOME release planning and version numbering scheme. Unstable versions have a odd minor version number while stable version have a even minor version number. We encourage to use it and help us with bug reports. Some more information can be found at Anjuta wiki.

Older releases are available here

Install binary package

In general it is recommended that you install the binary package your distribution provides, at least as long as those are up-to-date. Instructions for various distributions can be found in the wiki.

If the packages in your distribution are old and you use the latest version of the distribution, please file a bug against the package in the bug tracking system of your distribution.

Anjuta Dependencies

You must have these to install Anjuta 2.x. In case, you are installing binary package, please also install corresponding devel package as well.

GTK+ 3.4 or later GTK+ toolkit UI development library
GDL 3.5.5 or later Docking library
gtksourceview 3.0 or later GTK+ sourceview editor widget (required for Anjuta editor)
libgda 4.2 or later GNOME DB library
vte 0.28.0 or later GNOME vte terminal widget (required for embedded terminal plugin). You have to use the --with-gtk=3.0 switch at configure time.
libxml 2.4.23 or later XML processing library
libxslt Any XSLT transformation library

You can optionally have these to build some essential plugins.

glade3 3.10 or later Next generation glade UI designer. GTK/GNOME Graphical User Interface Editor. You need this for developing GTK/GNOME applications in Anjuta
devhelp 3.4.2 or later Developer's help system. Required for context sensitive API help and search.
graphviz 2.6.0 or later Graph processing library (required for class inheritance diagram plugin)
subversion 1.5.0 or later Subversion version control (required for subversion plugin)
Vala 0.16.x or later Vala is a new C# like programming language that aims to bring modern programming language features to GNOME developers (required for vala symbols support)

Application development requirements

These are required if you intend to do additional development (as mentioned alongside the packages). Anjuta does not have any restriction on versions of these packages, so choose the versions which your application require. Make sure to install their corresponding *-devel packages also.

Note: Anjuta will be able to install those automatically on distributions that support PackageKit.

gtkmm C++ wrapper for GTK. You need this for developing C++ GTK applications.
WxWindows Cross platform GUI toolkit. It uses GTK+ for GNU/Linux systems. You need this for developing WxWindows based applications.
SDL Simple DirectMedia Layer graphics library. Required for developing SDL (graphics) applications.