Chapter 3. Installing ORBit

3.1. Installing from RPMS

The RPMs can be found on many web sites. The whole ORBit package is broken in two parts (as for most RPMs) : the ORBit2 package contains the libraries to use it, and the ORBit2-devel package contains the necessary files to develop with ORBit, i.e. the idl compiler and the headers files.

I recommend the RPM repositories like to find the RPMS that best suit your distribution. Though ORBit is probably installed if you already have GNOME installed, you must download the ORBit-devel to develop with ORBit.

Installation is quite simple : once the packages are downloaded, go:

  bash $ rpm -Uvh ORBit2* ORBit2-devel*
Note that this will upgrade any previous rpm-based installation of ORBit.