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NetworkManager released

Yet another new stable bugfix release, recommended for everyone. Many bug fixes and memory optimizations in Wi-Fi, IPv6, D-Bus API, PPPoE, mobile broadband, and more!. Stabilize your networking today! - 2013-06-07

NetworkManager 0.9.8 released

A new stable bugfix release, recommended for everyone. Brings bridging support, AP-mode Hotspot, smoother WiFi experience, better WWAN support, IPv6 fixes and more!. Stabilize your networking today! - 2013-02-20

NetworkManager released

A new stable bugfix release, recommended for everyone. Stabilize your networking today! - 2012-10-26

NetworkManager 0.9.6 released

Packed full of stability fixes, IPv6 enhancements, new ADSL modem support, IPv6 VPNs, Vala bindings, and tons of other fixes, this release makes your network even better. Grab it today! - 2012-08-27

NetworkManager 0.9.4 released

With new enterprisey features like bonding, VLAN, InfiniBand support, and EAP-FAST; great desktoppy stuff like connectivity detection and WiFi fixes; and general stuff like enhanced IPv6 support and the death of WEXT, it's got something for everyone to love. Get it today! - 2012-03-24

NetworkManager 0.9 is finally here!

ROCK ON: this new stable release includes a ton of great changes for users and app developers, like Fast User Switching support, simplified configuration, more flexible API for new network applets, and more. Check with your distro of choice for updates, or grab NetworkManager and nm-applet for great networking flavor! - 2011-08-23

NetworkManager 0.8.4 released

Yet more fixes, all of them good. Some of the more notable chages are here and here. Grab NetworkManager and nm-applet and make your network rock the world! - 2011-04-20

Pain-Free Networking

Networking on Linux can be painful, especially in comparison to other operating systems. You should never need to use the command line or configuration files to manage your network (unless you want to!); everything should "Just Work" as automatically as possible and never stop you from doing what you want to do. NetworkManager attempts to make networking as invisible as you want it to be. Whether at home, work, or on the move, NetworkManager automatically connects to the last network you told it to connect to. From wired to wireless to mobile broadband to Bluetooth, NetworkManager has you covered.

Flexible, Extendable, Open

The most important pieces of NetworkManager are user-interface and distribution agnostic, functioning just as well in Gnome, KDE, Xfce, embedded devices, etc., and across distributions like Fedora Core, Ubuntu, SuSE, Debian, Gentoo, and others. And since the NetworkManager components communicate with each other using dbus, it's easy to to build network-aware applications with languages like C, C++, and Python, or network-aware scripts in your favorite shell.

Application Integration

Using the awesome power and flexibility of dbus, udev, and ModemManager, NetworkManager provides facilities for other applications like browsers, email clients, or system services to be aware of the network's state and adjust their operation accordingly. If you're not online or on your metered mobile broadband connection, your computer probably shouldn't try to update itself. With NetworkManager, software knows where it is and how it's connected.

More Information

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